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Warranty and Return Policy

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Dat Bike is committed to providing the best service for its customers. To ensure the best experience when purchasing a bike, please take a moment to review Dat Bike's warranty and return policies.

Warranty Policy

Dat Bike provides this Warranty Policy to warranty products manufactured or supplied by Dat Bike under normal use and maintenance conditions.

1. Warranty Coverage

  • Dat Bike commits to repairing defects in materials and/or manufacturing (referred to as warranty repairs) free of charge through Dat Bike's authorized dealerships.

  • Old parts that have been replaced with new parts under this warranty will become the property of Dat Bike. Dat Bike will make the final decision on whether to repair or replace.

  • The following parts are not covered under warranty:

    • Natural wear and tear of parts or wear and tear over time (paint, brakes, tires, drivetrain, etc.).

    • Parts replaced/modified at non-authorized dealerships of Dat Bike.

2. Warranty Period for the Bike

The maximum warranty period is 36 months or 30,000 km, whichever comes first, from the date Dat Bike successfully delivers the bike to the Customer. Information and warranty history of the bike will be stored in Dat Bike's system and provided to the Customer upon request. Dat Bike does not provide a paper warranty booklet.

3. Warranty Coverage Area

The warranty is valid throughout the territory of Vietnam and at Dat Bike's authorized dealerships. In provinces or cities where there is no dealership, Dat Bike will bear all transportation costs to provide on-site warranty service for the Customer.

4. Warranty Inheritance

During the warranty period, if the customer transfers ownership of the vehicle, please notify Dat Bike through official customer care channels (email, hotline, Facebook, Zalo) to confirm the transfer of warranty registration information. The new owner will inherit the remaining warranty conditions of the vehicle.

5. Warranty Claim Process

  • Customers need to contact Dat Bike through customer care channels for specific instructions.

  • The warranty repair time will take 5-7 working days (excluding the time for transporting the vehicle from the customer to Dat Bike's warranty center and vice versa). In case the warranty repair time needs to be extended, Dat Bike will proactively contact the customer.

  • For provinces and cities with Dat Bike stores, customers can bring their vehicle to the nearest store for support.

  • For provinces and cities without Dat Bike stores, customers will send their vehicle to the nearest store as instructed by Dat Bike. All transportation costs will be paid by Dat Bike.

6. Cases NOT Covered by Warranty

  1. Failure to perform regular maintenance, incomplete maintenance, or maintenance not in accordance with the instructions in the User Manual, and/or maintenance not carried out by authorized Dat Bike stores.Damages caused by not following the instructions in the User Manual provided to the Customer after purchasing the vehicle.
  2. Damages resulting from repairs or adjustments not carried out by technicians at authorized Dat Bike dealerships.
  3. Damages resulting from modifications, alterations, changes, or improvements to the original design (such as changing power output, engine or battery structure, altering seat height, or welding additional parts).
  4. Damages occurring from using the vehicle for racing, extreme sports (stunts, mountain climbing), or for commercial purposes such as public transportation.
  5. Damages related to the use of parts or types of oil other than those recommended by Dat Bike's technical specifications.
  6. Rust, paint discoloration, aging of rubber, deterioration of oil or grease, natural wear and tear over time, and periodic replacement items such as oil, brake pads, tires.
  7. Phenomena such as swelling, cracking, breaking, burning, exploding, or emitting smoke from the battery caused by reasons such as parking in environments with high temperatures (above 60 degrees Celsius), using non-genuine chargers, installing other electrical consuming devices, or making changes to the original design by the user will not be covered by the warranty.
  8. Surface damages caused by factors such as cigarette burns, chemicals, animal excrement, salt, acid rain, animal bites, and similar external factors.
  9. Damages caused by failure to comply with scheduled maintenance or recall programs announced by Dat Bike within the warranty period.
  10. Delayed reporting of damages and warranty claims after the expiration of the warranty period by the user.
  11. To the extent permitted by law, Dat Bike disclaims any liability for losses or other expenses such as phone charges, accommodation fees, rental of other vehicles, transportation, and business losses or time consumption.
  12. Damages caused by earthquakes, storms, floods, submerging the vehicle in water, accidents, fires, other natural disasters, or damages caused by external factors such as soil, sand, gravel, stones, sharp objects hitting the vehicle during operation.

Note: Damages caused by moving in rainy or flooded conditions are still covered under warranty if the following two conditions are met:

  • The engine operates underwater at a depth of less than 80cm and the maximum operating time underwater is 30 minutes.
  • Water does not flood beyond the battery box.

7. Warranty for the Battery

During the standard warranty period, Dat Bike will perform repairs or replace the battery if any damage occurs. The final decision regarding repair or replacement during the warranty period lies with Dat Bike.

Note: If the vehicle meets the warranty conditions (still within the warranty period and not covered by the cases in section 6) and the battery capacity is below 70%, the customer has the right to request a new battery replacement.

8. Notes during Usage

Use Genuine Parts/Components:

To ensure maximum safety when using the vehicle, we advise customers to only use genuine parts/components provided by Dat Bike. In case customers use non-genuine parts/components, it may lead to damage to the vehicle's components during use.

Perform Regular and Complete Maintenance

A well-maintained electric bike is a factor in ensuring safety for the user, economic efficiency, and care while riding.
Customers are advised to perform regular checks according to the schedule to ensure warranty benefits. If not done correctly and sufficiently, the customer's warranty rights may be forfeited, and we may reject warranty repairs for damages caused by lack of maintenance.

9. Warranty for Parts and Accessories

Dat Bike only supports repair and replacement of original parts for each model produced. Dat Bike does not support changing parts from one model to another.

Dat Bike will only apply the warranty policy for genuine parts and accessories sold at Dat Bike when customers purchase them separately (not included when buying the bike) and when the accessories or parts are attached to the Dat Bike vehicle.

Warranty Period (Applicable to Parts and Accessories)

30 days warranty for technical defects from the time the customer receives the product.

  • For purchases at Dat Bike stores: Based on the purchase time.

  • For other cases: Based on the time the shipping unit updates successful delivery.

(Other information will apply in conjunction with items 1-8)

Return Policy

With the desire for customers to have a great experience with their vehicle, Dat Bike agrees that customers who have purchased a bike and are not satisfied can return it within 02 (two) days from the date of successful delivery. Dat Bike will refund 100% of the bike's value and cover all shipping costs.

1. Conditions for Bike Returns

  • The bike was purchased directly from Dat Bike (at Dat Bike's official stores, through the website, or through Dat Bike's official Facebook page).

  • The total distance traveled by the bike (from when the customer receives the bike) shown on the odometer (ODO) does not exceed 100km at the time of returning the bike to the transportation unit (Dat Bike will record the displayed Km on the odometer when receiving the bike to ensure customer's rights).

  • The bike is in brand new condition, with no damage or scratches.

  • The bike has not been modified or had any parts replaced.

  • The bike is still within the valid warranty period.

  • The bike has not been registered with a license plate.

  • The bike has not been resold or transferred ownership to any individual or organization.


For cases where customers make payments through payment gateways such as VNpay, mPOS, or pay in installments via credit cards, when there is a need to return the bike for a refund, customers must reimburse Dat Bike for any costs that Dat Bike has supported, including but not limited to payment processing fees, installment conversion fees (the interest portion that Dat Bike has supported for the customer).

After receiving back these full amounts, Dat Bike will proceed to refund the bike's value to the customer. Information about the refund method and date will be communicated to the customer via email by Dat Bike.

Furthermore, if the decision to return the bike leads to the early settlement of the installment contract, the customer must fulfill the obligations related to the installment purchase agreement with the financial company or bank where the customer's credit card is issued. Dat Bike will not be involved and will not assume any responsibility related to the installment purchase of the bike between the bank/financial company and the customer.

2. Return Process

  • Customers need to inform Dat Bike through any official Dat Bike communication channels (Facebook fan page, hotline 1800234549) within 02 (two) days from the date of receiving the bike.

  • Within 03 (three) days from receiving the return request from the customer, the transportation company will come to inspect the condition of the bike and take back the bike along with the accessories and the documentation set that was delivered with the bike earlier. If the customer is unable to return the bike and the documentation set within the aforementioned 03 (three) days, they should immediately notify Dat Bike for assistance.

  • Once the bike return process is completed, the customer can proceed to purchase another bike from Dat Bike. However, if Dat Bike believes that the customer is taking advantage of this program, Dat Bike has the right to refuse the request to exchange the bike for the next time.

If the customer participated in the "Trade in, Trade up" program when purchasing the bike, the customer will receive back the used bike exchanged when purchasing the new bike. Any additional costs and transportation costs will be borne by the customer and will be deducted directly from the amount that Dat Bike will refund.

Regular Maintenance Policy

1. Why is Regular Maintenance Necessary?

Regular maintenance checks will prevent unnecessary damage and extend the lifespan of the bike. Moreover, the road conditions and climate in Vietnam are quite harsh, with dusty air and high temperatures affecting the components on Dat Bike.

  • In cases where the vehicle is not regularly maintained, maintenance is incomplete, or not carried out by Dat Bike's official stores, Dat Bike will not apply the warranty policy for any damages or losses that occur.

Regular and timely maintenance brings significant benefits to the vehicle and the user:

  • Early detection of potential damage, prolonging the lifespan after operation.

  • Ensuring the vehicle maintains its power after long-term use. The vehicle is not affected by worn-out components.

  • Providing the user with a sense of safety and comfort while operating the vehicle.

  • Saving costs for unexpected, severe damage.

  • Ensuring the validity of the vehicle's warranty and also serving as a basis for determining quality if you have the need to buy/sell with others.

2. Cost of Regular Maintenance

The cost of regular maintenance will depend on the wear and tear of the components on the bike. For components that wear out or become damaged due to usage, the customer will be responsible for the cost. For errors/damage arising from manufacturing defects, Dat Bike will provide warranty coverage for the customer.

  • Errors arising from Dat Bike: Dat Bike's warranty policy will be applied.

  • Wear and tear during the use of Dat Bike, such as brake pad wear, tire wear, etc., will be the responsibility of the customer.

3. Receiving Maintenance

Customers need to contact Dat Bike through official customer care channels to receive specific guidance.

  • For provinces and cities with Dat Bike stores, customers can bring their bikes to the nearest store for assistance.

  • For provinces and cities without Dat Bike stores, customers should send their bikes to the nearest store following Dat Bike's instructions.

  • For information about the addresses of the stores, customers can visit here.

4. Maintenance Schedule

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