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Simple · Personalized · Extremely Fun To Ride

Motorbikes are not merely to move people from point A to point B. Dat Bike believes that your bike is a deeply personal expression of who you are. Each ride should embrace your individuality and make you feel good.

Go electric, with style.

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It's not just another choice.

Something simpler

We spent countless days and nights finding ways to remove all unnecessary details on traditional motorbikes. Our goal is to create something more lightweight, more compact that eases the crowded urban life.  

Less weight

80 kg - The lightest motorbike ever.

Time to remove all the weight you have been carrying. Lighter means easier to maneuver. Dat Bike makes every kilogram count to create a motorbike that you can ride effortlessly. 

Fewer hassles

20 cm - 50% narrower than a traditional motorbike.

Innovative 2D frame design brings back the bicycle's compactness without losing structure integrity. Now you can go faster in traffic and parking suddenly becomes easy. 

Something just for you

Choose between our various options to show your style. To make it truly special, have your bike engraved in a way that is completely unique and bespoke to you.

Wheel: Cast | Spoke • Color: Orange | Red | Brown • Laser engraving

Your personal touch

Freely express yourself with premium, customized laser engraving.

Our location

23 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hai Chau, Danang, Vietnam

Open: 10am - 9pm, everyday


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