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Delivery and Inspection Policies

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To ensure your rights and always have the best shopping experience, please carefully refer to Dat Bike's delivery and inspection policies.

1. Delivery Policy

Delivery methods:

  • For orders to be received at provinces/cities with Dat Bike stores such as Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City: customers will receive the bikes at Dat Bike's store.
  • For other provinces/cities: Dat Bike will have a transportation partner to deliver the bikes to customers' addresses.

Delivery time:

  • Customers will receive a delivery notification via email and SMS when the order is prepared and handed over to Dat Bike's delivery team or transportation partner.
  • Customers will receive the bikes from Dat Bike or the transportation partner within 05-14 days from the date of the delivery notification via email and SMS.

*Note: Delivery time may be extended longer than usual in the following cases:

  • Dat Bike cannot contact the customer for delivery.
  • The provided delivery address is incorrect.
  • In cases of force majeure such as natural disasters, pandemics, etc., Dat Bike is not responsible for compensating for damages arising from late delivery or failure to deliver goods to the agreed location with the customer.
  • On special days or holidays when general traffic policies are restricted (road closures for certain vehicles, etc.), delivery time may change. Dat Bike will contact the customer via email, SMS, or phone to confirm the new delivery time.

2. Inspection Policy

To protect the customer's rights to the fullest when purchasing bikes at Dat Bike, customers are allowed to inspect and check the bikes upon receiving them. In this policy, inspection means checking and comparing Dat Bike's products with the information on the customer's order, including model, size, color, and quantity.

After inspection, if the products are not defective, scratched, or the wrong model, customers will sign a confirmation to receive the goods.

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