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200 km
3 h
Charging time

200 km on 1 charge

Weaver 200 is the electric vehicle that leads the market in terms of range. For the first time in Vietnam, just one charge is enough to last you a whole week.

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Cặp đôi đi Weaver 200 từ Sài Gòn đến Vũng Tàu

Battery remaining: 40%

Cặp đôi đi Weaver 200 từ Sài Gòn đến Vũng Tàu
Cặp đôi đi Weaver 200 từ Hà Nội đến Hạ Long

Battery remaining: 20%

Cặp đôi đi Weaver 200 từ Hà Nội đến Hạ Long
Nhóm bạn chụp ảnh khi đi Weaver 200 từ Đà Nẵng đến Huế

Battery remaining: 50%

Nhóm bạn đi Weaver 200 trên đường từ Đà Nẵng đến Huế
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Charge 1 hour , go 100 km

Not only does the Weaver 200 excel in terms of distance, it is also the first electric vehicle equipped with fast charging technology. Once upon a time, I had the feeling of waiting patiently for charging overnight. Only 1 hour to charge the first 100 km, and 3 hours for 200 km.

Hình ảnh xe Dat Bike Weaver++
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Weaver 200



Every car is a companion

02 days

Return, 100% refund

48 h

Nationwide on-site warranty

03 years

Battery warranty*
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There are many other experiences being updated daily by Dat Bike.

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Weaver 200

Already strong, now even stronger

Weaver 200
Charging 100 km
100 km
200 km
3 o'clock
1 hour
Động cơ Weaver 200

Outstanding engine

You will need an A1 driver's license to use it

The engine is one of the most important components on an electric vehicle, representing the vehicle's operating power. The engine on the Weaver 200 is designed with better heat dissipation, helping to increase the maximum power by 20% compared to the Weaver, at 6000 W.

Unlike current electric car models on the market that are focused on students, the Weaver 200 was born to defeat gasoline cars with outstanding performance.

Bảng mạnh điều khiển Weaver 200

Brand new DAT ESC control

To create a truly powerful vehicle, Dat Bike has researched and created its own formula for engine control. This is shown on the Dat ESC controller, which is completely researched and manufactured in Vietnam, suitable for vehicle operating conditions in Vietnam.

This special technology helps the vehicle move smoothly on different terrains. The Weaver 200 allows you to glide down the street or get ahead with ease.

Phanh động cơ Regen Brake

Regen Brake is smarter

Like the Weaver, the Weaver 200 is equipped with a Regen Brake engine braking system with a manual throttle. However, the braking algorithm has been improved to make the car smarter. You can control the braking force by releasing the throttle more or less. Want to slow down? Just gently release the throttle. Want to stop completely? Go to full throttle and you're done.

From now on, you are completely more proactive in your own way of moving.

Dat Bikers is about Dat Bike

“Dat Bike, simply the more you ride, the more you enjoy it.”
Liam Nguyen
- businessmen
“I like the sound the most when the car accelerates to run: gentle, not too loud, very soothing. It feels like driving a large displacement vehicle.”
Lan Anh
- accountant
“Every day when you go out on the street, there are people asking for information about cars... even if you spend over 100 million to buy a motorbike, you will not experience such attention from strangers.”
Long Pham
- sales specialist
“I got my amazing Dat Bike a few weeks ago. The bike is so nice, I love cruising around town on it.”
Koen Verrecht
- teacher
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Largest capacity


Max speed


The battery

Lithium-ion 72 V 68 Ah

Cake size

17-2.75 front, 17-3.0 rear

Distance traveled

200 km (at 35 km/h)
130 km (at 70 km/h)

Waterproof standard


Battery life

150,000 km (15 years)


120 kg

Dimensions (length - width - height)

1900 - 750 - 1100 mm

Maximum load

165 kg (excluding vehicle)

Charging time

First 100 km: 1 hour of charging
200 km: 3 hours of charging

Brake system

Engine brake (regen brake) integrated into the throttle
Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes

200 km 1 lần sạc

Weaver 200 là xe điện dẫn đầu trên thị trường về quãng đường đi được. Lần đầu tiên tại Việt Nam, chỉ một lần sạc là đủ để bạn di chuyển cả tuần.

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