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Dat Bike Ambassadors Program

Cong Nguyen
To celebrate the launch of the new product on October 21, 2023, Dat Bike launches the Dat Bike Ambassador program for all customers who own or are interested in Dat Bike products.

Genetal T&C

When registering to join the Dat Bike Ambassadors program and being approved, each Ambassador will be provided with a Unique Referral Code by Dat Bike. Customers who buy vehicles through Dat Bike's official sales channels can use the Ambassador's referral code to receive a direct discount of 1,000,000 VND/bike. For each order using the Referral Code that is successfully paid and does not result in a return or refund, the Ambassador will receive a Commission 500,000 VND from Dat Bike.


  • Ambassador: A person who has filled out an application to join the Dat Bike Ambassadors program and has been provided with a referral code by Dat Bike to share with friends and relatives to use.
  • Customer: The person who uses the Ambassador's Referral Code to buy a bike and gets discount.
  • Referral code: A unique code provided to each Ambassador to share with friends and relatives. Referral codes are applied by Customers on Dat Bike purchase orders, and are the basis for calculating Commissions for Ambassadors.
  • Commission: Is the amount of money Dat Bike pays to the Ambassador based on the number of successfully paid orders using the Ambassador's Referral Code. Individual income will be subject to personal income tax according to current law.


  • Apply to all Customers who own a Dat Bike, or Customers who do not own a Dat Bike but are interested and want to share information about Dat Bike's electric motorbike with friends, relatives and the community.
  • The program can be applied concurrently with other promotions during new product launches.

  • The program does not apply to Ambassadors who use their Referral Code to buy a bike for themselves.

  • The program applies to Dat Bike employees who want to register to become Ambassadors, or Dat Bike employees who use the Ambassador's Referral Code to buy a bike at the listed price.

  • The program does not apply concurrently with the Dat Bike Loyalty program.

  • The program does not apply to customers purchasing bikes under business packages (B2B).

  • The program does not apply to Dat Bike employees/partners when purchasing vehicles according to internal pricing policies.


  • Customers' orders must be pre-ordered and paid in full before 11h59'59'' on December 31, 2023 (based on the transaction recording time of the banking system/payment gateway/ confirmation email from Dat Bike) and using a valid Ambassador Referral Code provided by Dat Bike.
  • Customers can receive advice from many different Ambassadors, however, only the Referral Code used by the Customer on the bike purchase order will be counted to pay the Ambassador's Commission.
  • Only 01 unique Referral Code can be applied to each order - Customers cannot change the previously applied Discount Code during the pre-order, payment and vehicle pick-up process.
  • The number of uses of the Referral Code is unlimited during the program period. If 100 people use an Ambassador's Referral Code to successfully buy 100 bikes, Dat Bike will give that Ambassador 50,000,000 VND (before income Tax)
  • A successful bike purchase order is recorded after the Customer pays the entire order value and there is no request to return the bike - a refund according to Dat Bike's policy.
  • On the 10th of each month, Dat Bike will compare orders using the Referral Code that were successfully paid in the previous month and pay Commissions to Ambassadors on the 15th of each month. The payment amount is calculated as follows: 500,000 VND x number of times the Ambassador's referral code was used to successfully pay for orders in the previous month. To ensure information transparency, on the Commission payment date, Dat Bike will send an email to notify the Ambassador about the number of successfully paid orders using the Referral Code.
  • Commissions will be paid via the bank account provided by the Ambassador when registering to participate in the program. Ambassadors take full responsibility for the accuracy of payment information registered with Dat Bike. Dat Bike will not support changing payment information for Ambassadors for any reason after the registration form has been approved and the Referral Code has been provided to the Ambassador.
  • After the program period, monthly reconciliation will continue to be performed until Dat Bike completes the payment of Commissions for all valid orders according to the Program Rules.
  • Commissions paid to Ambassadors will be subject to personal income tax deduction in accordance with current law.
  • When participating in this program, customers can still request a refund if they change their decision to buy a bike, but the deposit is non-refundable. However, all incentives to related parties under the terms of the program will be immediately canceled when the Customer requests refund.
  • Dat Bike has the right to refuse incentives to Customers and/or Ambassadors if it detects acts of fraud or illegal profit from this program, including but not limited to arbitrarily exchanging for additional discounts for customers. Customers, run ads, post information to introduce untrue discount codes,...
  • In all disputes and complaints, Dat Bike's decision is final.
  • Dat Bike reserves the right to announce discontinuation of the promotion program at any time.
  • By registering to participate in the program, receiving a Referral Code from Dat Bike, and using the Referral Code when purchasing a vehicle, the Ambassador and Customer have agreed to the terms and conditions of the program.

How to register to become a Dat Bike Ambassador

Everyone can become a Dat Bike Ambassador by taking the following steps:

  • Register to join the Dat Bike Ambassador program at this link.
  • Share about Dat Bike's new product launch program on one of the social networking sites in public mode (the article link needs to be filled in the registration form to become an Ambassador above).
  • Within 01 working day from the time of receiving the registration form, Dat Bike will review the Ambassador's request to participate in the program. If the registration form is valid, Dat Bike will create a Referral Code and send it via email for the Ambassador to share with friends, relatives,...

How to use Referral Code

  • Order online on website Customers will need to fill in the Ambassador's Referral Code in the "Discount Code" section on the Payment page, so the new Referral Code will be recorded in the order and incentives for Customers. New products/Ambassadors are applied.
  • Buy a bike directly at Dat Bike Stores: Customers who come to the store to buy a bike need to read the Ambassador's Referral Code and ask the staff at the Dat Bike Store to enter the code into the order, then the Referral Code will be received. recorded in orders and incentives for new Customers/Ambassadors are applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Mr. Nguyen Van A registered to become a Dat Bike Ambassador and was granted Referral Code ANGUYEN123. He introduced 2 friends to buy a bike and paid the entire order value in October 2023, then introduced 4 more people to pre-order the bike in November 2023. All 6 Customers use Code ANGUYEN123, so what benefits will Customers and Ambassadors enjoy?

Two Customers who pay for their bike in October 2023 will receive a direct discount of 1,000,000 VND on the total order value. 4 Customers who pre-order a bike in November 2023 will also receive a discount of 1,000,000 VND if they pay the full value of that order before December 31, 2023. Regarding benefits for the Ambassador, Mr. A will be paid a Commission of 1,000,000 VND for 2 orders that have been successfully paid in October 2023 (payment date is November 15, 2023). For 4 pre-orders in November 2023, when the Customer successfully pays for any order, Mr. A will receive a Commission of 500,000 VND each for that order on the 15th of the following month.

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