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Launched limited edition - Dat Bike Quantum DxDRAGON

Cong Nguyen
Celebrating Giap Thin Spring 2024, Dat Bike launches a special edition called Quantum DxDragon. The car model is inspired by the majesty of dragons, the red color represents enthusiasm and steadfastness. Limited quantity of only 100 pieces.

Welcoming the Year of the Dragon 2024, Dat Bike launches a special edition, limited to only 100 units called Quantum DxDRAGON

Time to pay for the entire vehicle: February 20, 2024 at the latest

Vehicle delivery time (between March 10 - March 15)

Inspired by the might of the dragon, the red color represents enthusiasm and steadfastness, Dat Bike Quantum DxDRAGON is the choice to help the owner fly high to conquer the dream sky.

Pre-order the limited edition Bike Quantum DxD RAGON and get all the power:

  • Limited edition of 100 candy red bikes with a specially designed Quantum stamp set, taken from the majesty of dragons, red for enthusiasm and steadfastness, Dat Bike Quantum DxD RAGON is the choice to fly high with its owner. conquer the dream sky.
  • Additional incentives if you order a car in January 2024: 5-year battery warranty (higher than the standard warranty of 3 years)
  • Priority is given to delivery of vehicles after Tet in the first week of March (for vehicles that pay early according to Dat Bike's email request)
  • Set of accessories with custom design with new logo: carpet, car tag, hat, charger with DxD RAGON design
  • Price 52,900,000 VND (including battery and VAT)
  • Only open for sale until January 31, 2024.

    Besides, Quantum DxD RAGON still possesses a full set of impressive features:

    • Go 270km/1 charge
    • Maximum speed 100km/h
    • Many driving modes to suit each need
    • Many modern features: Cruise Control, Find car in the parking lot, Anti-theft, Dat Ride Predictor...


    • Customers who have made a deposit on Quantum and are waiting for full payment or to receive the car can change to the limited edition DxDRAGON. However, already applied incentive programs (including: 10-year battery warranty, Loyalty Program, Dat Bike Ambassador Program) will be immediately canceled to be replaced with accompanying incentives of the limited version. term.
    • Customers will pay the difference from the old order to the price of Quantum DxDRAGON.
      • For example, the previous Quantum order was worth 47,400,000 VND (with a discount of 2,500,000 VND under the Loyalty program), now the customer needs to pay an additional 5,500,000 VND to exchange for this version, and will also lose the advantage. 10-year battery warranty, instead you will receive 5-year battery warranty and accompanying accessories of this version.

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